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Wolfe paints in an almost-unlimited series of works. Some of his deeper concentrations can be seen on these pages.


From high above, the landscape viewed from the window of a plane appears as an intricate collage. The father from earth, the complex the collage becomes. The inspiration for these paintings came as I stared out the window during flights across the country. I saw roads, farmland, and cities intersect to create opposing angles and geometric shapes. Nature's symmetry provides the template for this work.

These densely colored paintings are a product of a hundred layers of paint, achieving both a textured surface and a striking pallet.


The Mosaic Series is a tribute to form with a kaleidoscope of colors.


Wolfe is captivated by the geometry of cities. His fascination includes the unseen workings below the pavement as well as the steel and glass that dominate the skylines. His Cityscape Series captures the harmony of those two worlds.


This series is inspired by how I view the horizon line. I often imagine the work that I am creating in a theoretical setting - existing not in my studio, but outside in nature. The imaginary horizon interacts with the work and shows me a new perspective.


 Wolfe captures the brilliant colors of the sunset as the sky fades to black.


The Rain Series represents Wolfe's favorite painting process.  These engaging paintings are the result of decades of manipulating the properties of paint. The dramatic images freeze movement in time.


Centrifugal force and a mode-made machine are utilized to produce these paintings. Manipulating the canvas (Plexiglas) prior to painting produces wondrous results.



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